We are very proud to have been invited to participate in this years 11th Russian Festival "Summer Garden Of Arts" in the beautiful city of Bari, Italy. On display is "Vyatskaya Matryoshka: 80 Years of History," where we are displaying some of our world famous matryoshka. The exhibition can be found at 'Museo Civico di Bari Strada Sagges, 13 – Bari.'
The factory of ZAO Souvenir celebrated its anniversary with participation in the 11th Festival of Russian Art "Summer Garden of Arts", which was held from 16th to 23rd of May, 2017 in Bari (Italy, the Puglia region). Exhibition "Vyatskaya Matryoshka: 80 years of history "is located in a cozy hall of the ancient building of the Municipal Museum of Bari. Beautiful Smiling dolls in luxurious colorful shawls won the hearts of the discerning Italian audience. A 30 piece matryoshka with fairytale subjects was the greatest delight and amazement - none of the visitors had seen anything like this before.
Museo Civico
Residents and visitors of the city studied with interest the information presented on the posters about old Vyatka and modern Kirov, about the enterprise and the production process. For Italians, the exhibition was a meeting point and a lively dialogue with Russia. There, questions were asked and dialogs were made. Our compatriot Olga Petrova, who is living in Italy, has helped with translation. Everybody felt the soulful atmosphere of the exhibition. A few nesting dolls were left as memorable gifts in Bari : in the Apulia Region Administration, Basilica of St. Nicholas, St. Nicholas Baroque courtyard of the Moscow Patriarchate, the Church of St. Joseph, the Academy of Arts, the N. Piccini Musical Conservatory, the Amedeo d'Aosta Secondary School, the Circolo Unione Club of the Petruzzelli Theater and, of course, the Museo Civico di Bari.
ZAO Souvenir thanks the organizers of the event, the Center for Film Festivals and International Programs and Chezvir - the Italian-Russian Center for Economics and Development, for the opportunity to participate in this remarkable festival, and the Italian audience for the warm welcome and genuine interest in Russian art.
More details about the festival can be found on the festival website